Yep. We are architects, and designers of all kinds.
But we're not ‘jacks of all
trades’. We are not multi-
taskers, and this is not
the Martha Stewart home
page. We are specialists
(with no talent for crochet).


Each member of the skilled Hachem team brings differing expertise and experience to the table. This means that we can work with a broad range of clients on large, multi-faceted projects, as well as specialised commissions.

...We collaborate. We like conversation, and concepts (and coffee). Our architects don't know what kerning is, and our graphic designers wouldn't know an actual finial if it poked somebody in the eye... But we all agree that the integration of disciplines leads, simply, to the very best results. We have the resources to offer our clients a complete and cohesive package.

Sofie and Nadia are the studio's Key
Stakeholders. This title, they are certain,
will one day have a great deal to do with
provisions of Wagyu beef. They will accept
this role with relish. (Or even tomato sauce,
if all the relish is gone).


The studio's founder and director is Fady Hachem. For many years, Fady has been recognised in design fields as a leader and innovator. His portfolio includes diverse projects, both at home in Melbourne and abroad, and his clients range from local entrepreneurs to international royalty.

The results of Fady's award-winning work have been published extensively, and even featured on TV (woot). Fady's mission has been to undertake a rigorous cross-disciplinary study of design in order to offer a complete, integrated package to his clients. Fady wrote his own profile because he, like, owns the company. His hobbies include hanging with the Pomeranians, and referring to himself in the third person.






As a key member of the Hachem multi-disciplinary studio, Brendan works closely with Sofie to form strategy and critique studio creative output.

In his capacity of Director of Architecture, Brendan’s approach includes comprehensive knowledge from conceptual design through to project delivery across a broad range of building types and client groups.

Currently undertaking an emergency and self-prescribed caffeine-based regimen, Brendan continues to practice in a hands-on capacity in conceptual design, research, client and site management and works alongside Sofie to help transition younger architects and designers into the studio while also keeping them on a short leash.


As the Creative Director his experience covers a wide range of 2 and 3D media – from branding, to online design, consumer advertising and packaging. It is this exceptional mix of skills that is key to ensuring that he delivers outstanding results to Hachem’s clients.

Justin works exclusively with Nadia overseeing all ruff drafts and dropping the ball during projects is not an option. With a background in advertising, branding and marketing industries, and experience producing TV commercials, Justin Caddeo acts as the resident Don Draper, without the 1960’s New York accent.


With a diverse background in Architecture & Town Planning in Victoria, Joe Cornetta has extensive consulting experience and thorough knowledge of the Victorian Planning Processes including V.C.A.T. With proven record of working with Local Government bodies and the community, Joe is not only a gun Architect, but he can charm the pants off anyone.

Powered by professionalism Joe makes it a point of turning up 23 hours early for work the next day (or an hour late depending on perspective).

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